Cheryl Ball

Tonight (2/5/2015) Cheryl Ball gave a public lecture entitled “The Asymptotic Relationship Between Digital Humanities and Computers and Writing”. This title was very confusing to me as I’m sure it is to many others who did not attend the lecture. However, Ball uses this title as a segue into many interesting topics. She discussed the history of both the digital humanities and the computers and writing “fields”. For me, this was a very enlightening experience. Prior to the lecture I knew very little about both of these fields.

Ball talked specifically about the similarities and differences of the two fields. This is where the title comes from. Historically there has been what appears to be an “asymptote” dividing these two fields. However, as the years have gone by the differences between the two fields has decreased but not yet merged. The idea that they may never merge seems to be realistic. That is why it appears to an asymptote. The two fields may forever grow closer, but they may never meet.


, Greer

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