Tracing Persepolis Revision

I have revised my Tracing Persepolis  discussion. I received helpful critiques from my professor David Morgen, and realized a valuable point of view by reading a similar discussion that Sam Balogh wrote. I also learned how to format my pictures to have them lay side by side on the page. I used all of this information in my revision of my discussion. I feel that I have increased the quality of the work overall. I will continue to revise slightly as I find places where I can improve the discussion. If anyone has any suggestions or comments post them in the comments section of this blog post or on the respective pages.

, Greer

Tracing Persepolis

When I began the “Tracing Persepolis” assignment I was unsure what to expect. Never before have I posted a project in the form of a web page. My first instinct was to simply write a paper, break it into parts, and add it to the web page. I quickly realized this would be insufficient.

Instead of taking the traditional approach to the assignment, I based my writing on the web pages. Once I had created the web pages the direction of the assignment became clear. In the end, I enjoyed this project much more than the traditional paper. I felt that I could create a more complete idea with the web page , because I was able to use links and pictures to compliment my work. The learning experience was also more comprehensive. I enhanced my writing and critical thinking skills, but I also increased my breadth of knowledge about how to set up web pages.

If you would like to see the pages for yourself simply visit Tracing Persepolis.