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Mapping FunHome Graphic Color With Key


The graphic map that I created shows Bechdel’s thoughts and feelings toward her father and how they change throughout the book. I started by creating a “timeline” that is not chronological but instead based upon the chapters of the book.

Mapping FunHome Graphic Timeline


I then drew relationships from each chapter to what I feel are the main thoughts and feelings that Bechdel shows towards her father in each respective chapter.

Mapping FunHome Graphic Idea Example


Once I had identified these main thoughts and feelings, I drew relationships from these to a few of the examples that lead me to identifying these thoughts and ideas in the chapter.

Mapping FunHome Example Example


After I had mapped the ideas and thoughts of the chapters, I created a key to make the map easier to interpret.

Mapping FunHome Graphic Key


At first glance, my map appears to be very confusing. This may initially seem counterproductive for a graphic map. However, I feel that it is appropriate due to the detailed nature of the book. Reading Bechdel’s writing takes much more than simply reading the words and looking at the panels. The reader must be able to recognize the examples Bechdel uses and identify patterns. Although the map is fairly extensive, I feel that it makes the ideas easier to understand and analyze.

The largest obstacle I faced in creating this map was simply space. At the beginning, when I only had the chapters connected to the thoughts and ideas, space was not a problem.

Mapping FunHome space


However, space was a problem when I began adding in my examples. The map quickly became crowded, and I had to limit the number of examples that I used for each thought and idea. Ideally, I would have included every example present for each thought and idea. However, due to the lack of space this was not possible. With this in mind, it may be helpful to look at the examples I have given and to look through each chapter to see the other examples present when analyzing the book.

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