This site is dedicated to an English 101 class that took place in the spring of 2015. The class was taught at Emory University by Professor David Morgen. The focus of the class was to improve writing across different modes. This was done by achieving four learning objectives that are rhetorical composition, critical thinking and reading resulting in writing, writing as process, and domain of one’s own. As the class proceeded, I attempted to fulfill these learning objectives. On this page I am going to show some of my work and how I fulfilled these learning objectives through the assignments of the class.

The assignments of the class are divided into two major categories. The first category is Sunday Funnies. The Sunday Funnies are small assignments that helped to improve creative thinking and multimodal writing skills. The second category is the large assignments of the class. These assignments consisted of reading graphic novels and writing about them. The graphic novels that we read are Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, and Vietnamerica by GB Tran. The class was designed so that the skills that we learned doing the Sunday Funnies helped us create the larger works.

The first learning objective that I met was the domain of one’s own objective. Throughout the semester I established an online presence through this website. I learned how to create post, pages, and edit the website. Prior to this class I had no knowledge of how to run a website. I feel that the skills I gained through creating this website will be used throughout the rest of my career.

Early in the semester we learned about several tools that would help us in our multimodal writing including infographic makers, photo editors, and graphic map makers. These tools helped us to better fulfill the learning objective of rhetorical composition. Some of the assignments we did were personal while others were about outsiders. This once again widen the scope of our learning for the class.

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Using these tools as a mode of composition was completely new to me because I had never used a multimodal form of writing. However, I caught on fast and learned even more tools that I was able to use to create better work.


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It was helpful to practice these newly acquired skills during the Sunday Funnies assignments in order to create better work when the larger assignments came. However, not all of the multimodal assignments included new technology. Some of the assignments simply involved pen and paper.



The last two learning objectives, critical thinking and reading resulting in writing and writing as process, were largely fulfilled through the larger assignments based on the graphic novels that we read as a class. For all three assignments, Tracing Persepolis, Mapping Fun Home, and Analyzing Vietnamerica, we started by reading the graphic novels and discussing them in class. This shows the learning objective of critical thinking and reading resulting in writing. After we had finished the books we individually determined how to go about completing the assignment. For Tracing Persepolis we had to determine what pages to trace and what those pages meant to us.


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For Mapping Fun Home we had to recognize a pattern in the book and map it in a way that we felt showed the pattern well. Once we had recognized the pattern we then had to determine Alison Bechdel was trying to convey through the pattern.

Mapping FunHome Graphic Color With Key


Analyzing Vietnamerica was different than the other two assignments in that we did not have to create something prior to the writing. Instead, we read an article by Carolyn Ellis that we used to define Analyzing Vietnamerica.

In all three of the assignments the last learning objective of writing as process is shown by the steps that we took in creating our work. We did not simply sit down and write but instead tackled each project in steps. Once we had completed the work, we continued in the process by revising our work after receiving recommendations from other members of the class and Professor Morgen.

I have learned a lot throughout this semester as I have shown with the learning objectives. The skills that I acquired by completing the assignments of the class I have already used in life outside of the class room and expect to use them much more. I would like to thank Professor David Morgen and my classmates for a great semester.

,Greer Howard

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